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Numerological Predictions a miracle?

The game of numbers

As citizens moving in the 21st century, we are certain to be amazed by the fact that numerological predictions are a miracle. Because numbers play a very important role in our lives. Numerological are based on calculations. This means that the name we obtain, and the date of birth decides our future. These two facts are closely connected with our identity. We can never change our date of birth or our name. We are completely recognized by our name. Everything is in a name and we must admit this.

This is really true that numerology is a miracle. Based on own experiences and the experience of those around me, I can say this confidence. This is because behind every great experience, there is a work relationship. This means that we cannot decide if that incident is true or untrue. Just like in today’s troubled times, all of us wish to get ahead in the rat race of life. Everyone is running today, but does everyone obtain every single thing? Through the science of numerology we try to achieve all the benefits. Thus everyone benefits through our efforts.

Every person has two minds. A conscious and an unconscious mind. Both the minds are telling us something or the other. Before doing a certain act, we are in a dual state of mind. In this instance the unconscious mind is telling the conscious mind whether the act is right or wrong. This means that waves of thoughts travel from both the minds. The unconscious mind has great power. While the brain is thinking these waves of thoughts mix within the environment and a particular type of energy is being produced. The two minds not only give and take, but there is a constant interaction between them. This means that we sometimes think of a particular event occurs right before our very eyes, or that person phones us. Sometimes we match perfectly with a complete stranger. Or with certain friends, or acquaintances we feel so much better. We feel secure with such person.

This means that your name creates frequencies which is deciphered with numerology. If they do not match, then you face trouble in life, and if they are especially matched with your destiny number then you face unbelievable changes in your life.

In numerology there are destiny numbers from 1 to 9. For example, let us take the date of birth, 29.3.1973. First let think of the destiny number of 2. In the same way if we add the fate number.2+9=11, 1+1=2. This person has destiny number of 2. In the same way if we add the complete date of birth, it is 34, Which is 3+4=7. In the same way the fate number of the person is 7. Person having a destiny number of 2 , have the moon as their zodiac guru. Those with a fate number of 7, have Neptune ad their zodiac guru or guiding star. This means that qualities of both planets are in that person. The number 2 has qualities such as, involvement, co mingling, honestly, sweetness of character, steadfastness, and they are emotional persons. The number 7 shows great imagination, independent ideas, great character, great internal strength, and writing skills, a person will thus have the qualities of both the planets, and thus person is thus a blends of both qualities. Thus you must have understood how to calculate the destiny number and the fate number.

Every person's moment of birth and moment of death is planned and the joining of several moments between the two is also planned, as our destiny will have us believe. Thus the thinkers of your have decided on a number for each one of us. Not only this but each number has a certain character and certain characteristics. Because of numerology we obtain knowledge of several things and have several benefits. We can do a self analysis with the help of numerology. We come to know of our own identity. We can progress as a person. We build on our own self trust. No problem is too large for us. We easily win over any difficult

In the end, we obtain the fruits of our labour due to our perseverance.

In the next article , the readers will be able to read in detail about the various numbers.