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What is in a name?

In the previous article, we have studied how numbers and planets affect life and we have seen this in detail. Today we are going to study an extremely important aspect, the changes of name. The information is as follows.

We obtain the knowledge of various aspects and the huge benefits of changing one's name are as

  1. We come to know the quantities and flaws and characteristics of oneself.
  2. We come to know the quantities and flaws and characteristics of oneself.We come to know the auspicious days, auspicious numbers, friendly numbers, auspicious stones and auspicious time.
  3. The auspicious time of marriage, how to choose the right partner, we understand this.
  4. Information on health, your body has which type of illness, this can be understood. We can make suitable changes for defeating the illness.
  5. Business, job, similarly the changes in the name of the business.
  6. Which are the important years in one's life that we can understand.
  7. Auspicious days, auspicious months and auspicious years we can understand.
  8. The horoscope of the numbers, the lost things can be found.
  9. In numerology the changes of name is a very important subject. What is the exact meaning of a change in name? You must have thought about this. If the frequencies in your name do not match the frequencies of your fate number then you will face difficulties in life. However if you make a change of name and match the frequency with your date of birth and once you achieve the desired frequency, then you achieve enormous changes in your life, and your life changes and your personality changes too.

'Change of name' means that every letter has a different number. When all the numbers are added, we calculate what is the exact difficulty that the person is facing. We then matches the desired frequency and then the person obtains a lot of benefits. The base of numerology is based on frequencies and the writing of every name and the pronunciation of every name produce frequencies. These frequencies are helping other frequencies. Because of this whether we get along with the other or not, is decided on the frequencies that flow out. The frequencies that arise out of the fate number, if these are not matching, then the person faces confusion in this thoughts. Therefore the person is quite restless. They find it difficult name, then the frequencies that arise out of the name, match the frequencies of your fate number and the confusion that arises out of the mind can be cleared and we obtain success in life.
To find out what is the frequency of our name, every letter is given a specific number. In a box:
A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-8, G-3, H-5, I-1, J-1, K-2, L-3, M-4, N-5, O-7, P-8, Q-1, R-2, S-3, T-4, U-6, V-6, W-6, X-5, Y-1, Z-7.

R a j i v                       G a n d h i 
2 1 1 1 6                      3 1 5 4 5 1 
11                                19 
1+1=2                         1+9=10

In this way, we can see the frequencies of the name, but today letters have which number, that ever if the values are given, please do not play with ambition. Because the frequencies of the name are found out through four methods. The Pythagoras method, tarot method, sanyukta ankh method, numerology method. Even then you try to understand what is numerology? What does frequency of the name means? If you have any doubt, do not change your name on your own whim. Numerology should be followed only by taking the advice of a competent numerologist, because if the wrong changes are made, complete damage can be caused on a person.After birth every person is given a specific name. Every person is proud of his name. However sometimes we have to take the help of a little science to alter our name a little bit. Numerology has made this help available to us. By changing the English spelling of their names a little bit different people from different walks of life have made use of this facility for a benefit.